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World-wide Training Service


Trainocate World-wide Training Service

World-wide Training Service is now READY!

- We support your participation in training programs run by any Global Knowledge locations other than Japan or to arrange training programs in English language in Japan -

Global Knowledge provides training programs all over the world.
We are very glad to assist customers who want to participate in any training programs* other than in Japan or in training classes run with languages other than Japanese.
Specifically we coordinate to book seats in training classes held in Global Knowledge locations world-wide regardless of physical or virtual environment**, or organize a private class in Japan with having English-speaking instructors from overseas.

Should you have any questions about the service, please contact us.

(*) Global Knowledge Japan is not an IBM authorised training center
and does not resell, deliver,coordinate any IBM training in Japan.
(**) Global Knowledge offers Virtual Classroom training in which an instructor runs
a class real time over the Internet using Web-conferencing system.

Case Studies

Case 1) Running a private class with an instructor invited from overseas

If you send a student to overseas for a training class, it usually costs a lot for travel expense in addition to the tuition. If the below conditions are met, it may cost less to arrange a private class than sending delegates overseas for training.

・ You have multiple persons who need the same training class.
・ The number of days for a training class is long.

By making the most of Global Knowledge's world-wide network, the best training can be arranged according to your requirements.
Cumbersome processes such as adjusting dates for the training and arranging remote labs etc. are fully taken care of. We also accept payment in Japanese yen or US dollars.

Case 2) Sending a delegate to overseas for an open enrollment class

It is not a case in general that training programs are provided not in Japanese language.
For those who want to participate in an open-enrollment class held not in Japanese language, it can be an option to do so in countries other than in Japan.

Furthermore, if virtual training can be an option, Global Knowledge offers many training programs via Virtual Classroom. It enables students to attend a class run in English while being in Japan.
Since virtual classroom training does not incur any travel expense to a student, it saves the total cost.

Global Knowledge takes care of processes such as searching the best suitable class, class registration, and payment. We also accept payment in Japanese yen or US dollars.


Recommended Training Programs

Global Knowledge US

Global Knowledge US provides very wide array of training programs.


If you choose Trainocate locations, it saves you travel cost and the time difference is much smaller than flying to the US.

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Please direct your inquiries on World-wide Training Service via the INQUIRY FORM.

※ When using the INQUIRY FORM,
Please select : "ワールドワイドトレーニングサービスに関するお問い合わせ (World-wide Training Service)" at "ご質問区分(Type of Inquiry)" and include the below information in the body. We will contact you within 3 business days via phone or email.

▼ Please include the below information in the body of your inquiry.
・ Whether you want to participate in an open enrollment class or arrange a private class.
・ Specific training courses if any or area of interest
・ Specific dates if any or time frame
・ Number of delegates participating in the training
・ Location (Country or Name of the City)
・ Budget
・ Language to be used in the training
・ Other requests if any