Business Presentation Skills in English

  • 14 PDU (Leadership)


コースタイトル Business Presentation Skills in English
コースコード AMC0009V  
コース種別 集合研修 形式 講義+演習
期間 2日間 時間 9:30~17:30 価格(税込) 154,000円(税込)
主催 トレノケート
日程 会場 空席状況 実施状況 選択

2020年10月15日(木) ~ 2020年10月16日(金)




2020年12月8日(火) ~ 2020年12月9日(水)



2021年3月4日(木) ~ 2021年3月5日(金)



2021年6月22日(火) ~ 2021年6月23日(水)



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This course is delivered in English.

This course is requires participants to do a pre-assignment.We recommend that you bring a computer with PowerPoint loaded so you can modify your visual aids during the session, and also bring an earphone for checking your review on PC.


Everyone who needs to develop their presentation skills, speak in front of groups or sell ideas to others and has little or no presentation experience.
□TOEIC Score 650 or Higher


Unstable economic times can mean fast and frequently unexpected organizational changes, greater responsibilities and new projects and initiatives. Being a confident, polished speaker is not only necessary but well-advised in order to communicate such matters effectively and persuasively.

In this seminar, you’ll develop your presentation skills and learn how to present your ideas with conviction, control and poise—and without fear. You’ll gain the specific presentation skills and direction you need to become comfortable with your own style. And you’ll receive expert advice on how to handle especially challenging situations.
Most important, you’ll gain presentation skills by making actual presentations.
● Tailor your presentation to your audience
● Use relaxation techniques to overcome nervousness
● Learn how to project your voice and use pauses to dramatize your point
● Expertly handle difficult questions and situations
● Communicate with clarity and conviction
● Gain confidence in your presentation skills
1. Balancing Verbal and Nonverbal Messages
  - Identify and practice visual impact skills
  - Identify and practice vocal impact skills

2. Developing and Organizing Presentation Content
  - Set presentation parameters
  - Create an audience profile
  - Start with what you know
  - Identify what you need to find out
  - Structure your information (Body, Introduction, Conclusion)
  - Put presentation in outline / note form

3. Using Visual Aids and Support Materials
  - Using Visual Aids and Support Materials
  - Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Types of Visual Aids
  - How Many visual aids?
  - Composition of visual aids
  - The best use of visual aids to tell the story
  - How to use visual aids
  - Managing handouts

4. Creating Engagement—Verbal Impact and Interactivity
  - Language
  - Audience Participation
  - Team presentations

5. The Presentation Environment
  - Handling questions from the audience
  - The verbal response
  - Managing the Presentation Environment


We may jointly use personal information with our subsidiary Quintegral Ltd,. for the purpose of providing our training services and events.
· Please inform us prior to 3 business days of the first day of the course in case you need to change the training schedule.


『It was a good opportunity to look at my own presentation , which I was not aware before.』
『The Training was extremely useful and I believe it can assist in enhancing my presentation skills.』