Developing Your Emotional Intelligence in English

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コースタイトル Developing Your Emotional Intelligence in English
コースコード AMC0104V  
コース種別 集合研修 形式 講義+演習
期間 2日間 時間 9:30~17:30 価格(税込) 148,500円(税込)
主催 トレノケート
日程 会場 空席状況 実施状況 選択

2021年6月28日(月) ~ 2021年6月29日(火)



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This course is delivered in English. 


【This course can be delivered online as well using Zoom.】

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・Anyone who wants to maximize their performance, as well as personal and business success, by increasing emotion management and self-understanding through Emotional Intelligence skills.
□TOEIC Score 650 or Higher


Without strong and effective relationships in business, today’s fast-paced, team-
based and global work environments can’t function with peak efficiency.
Maximum results will not be achieved. Emotional Intelligence (EI) competencies are
at the heart of effective workplace relationships and productivity. Today we use
EI as an integrated set of skills that underpin highly effective, fast-reacting
and innovative organizations.

This emotional intelligence seminar emphasizes the practical application of EI
concepts rather than just focusing on theory. Through your active participation,
you will learn and practice the EI skills that are the core of achieving
personal awareness, connecting with others, managing stress, engaging healthy
conflict and collaboration, and exhibiting resilience and optimism.
• Recognize and consciously use emotional data that shapes your professional
behavioral responses
• Identify and manage emotional behaviors that impact your work-based
relationships and situations
• Integrate empathy to promote strong team player attributes and communication
• Apply emotional insights to decipher and better manage yourself within the
• Implement emotionally intelligent insights to improve personal decision making
and professional contributions
1. Expanding Emotionally Intelligent Personal Awareness
  - Identify and Name Emotions and Their Levels of Intensity
  - Analyze Emotions from Their Cognitive and Physiological Manifestations
  - Recognize Emotional Igniters and Apply Emotionally Intelligent Regulation Strategies

2. Engaging Emotional Intelligent Relationships and Personal Impact
  - Identify the Impact Our Emotional Intelligence Has on Connecting with Others
  - Apply Emotionally Intelligent Communication Skills to Relationship Building and Maintenance
  - Practice Listening Skills That Build and Maintain Empathy

3. Demonstrating Emotionally Intelligent Stress Management and Resilience
  - Recognize Stress as a Complex Set of Emotional and Physical Responses That Can Have Positive and/or Limiting Results
  - Practice Proactive Stress Management Techniques to Stay Emotionally Well Balanced
  - Define Resilience and How It Impacts Effectiveness at Work

4. Healthy Conflict and Collaboration Through Emotional Intelligence
  - Recognize the Central Role of Relationship Development and Maintenance in Achieving Healthy Conflict
  - Identify Emotionally Intelligent Strategies to Maintain Healthy Conflict
  - Demonstrate a Collaborative Attitude at Work Through Application of Emotional Intelligence

5. Bringing It All Together
  - Synthesize Emotionally Intelligent Competencies to Address Complex EI Challenges and Opportunities


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· Please inform us prior to 3 business days (11 days in the case of "Live Online" courses) of the first day of the course in case you need to change the training schedule.