Storytelling Power in English: Secrets for Exceptional Communication

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コースタイトル Storytelling Power in English: Secrets for Exceptional Communication
コースコード AMC0106V  
コース種別 集合研修 形式 講義+演習
期間 2日間 時間 9:30~17:30 価格(税込) 154,000円(税込)
主催 トレノケート
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2021年2月16日(火) ~ 2021年2月17日(水)



2021年5月27日(木) ~ 2021年5月28日(金)



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This course is delivered in English. 


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・Business professionals at all levels, including salespeople, marketers and anyone looking for an innovative and fresh way to stimulate and engage others, in order to get the outcomes they want.


Great stories can move mountains. The best storytellers have the power to persuade people to get behind an idea and give it their total support. Yet the ability to relay a story that people can connect with, are persuaded by and feel passionately about is a rare skill. This seminar will show you how to craft engaging and motivating stories that can spark commitment and passion throughout your organization—and grow your professional influence. Get ready to create your most inspiring messages and convey them with true conviction.
● Use compelling stories to appeal to listeners’ emotions and drive your points home
● Relay information in an experiential manner for greater impact and understanding
● Make a more powerful impression in meetings and presentations
● Win over, influence and gain the trust of clients, customers and colleagues
● Engage listeners with stories that naturally lead them to reach the conclusions you want them to reach
1. Story Thinking
  - Identify the Distinct Advantages of Story to Communicate with Emotional Power
  - Differentiate Between the Vicarious, Experiential, and Subjective Nature of Story and More Traditional Business Communication Based on Linear, Objective Analysis of Information

2. Creating and Telling Stories
  - Determine Sources of Anecdotes and Illustrative Samples for Crafting a Story That Is Suited to Your Purpose
  - Describe “The Six Kinds of Stories”
  - Use the Source Material of Your Life, Organized into “The Four Buckets,” to Generate Ideas for Constructing Your Stories
  - Refine Your Stories By Applying the Six Principles of Effective Storytelling

3. Appreciations and Enhancing Stories
  - Identify the Difference Between Constructive Criticism and Appreciative Feedback
  - Explain Why Appreciative Feedback (“What Works”) Is So Important for Cultivating Storytelling Skills
  - Give Appreciative Feedback to Others
  - Receive, Distill, and Apply Helpful Insights from Others’ Appreciation for Refining Your Stories

4. Refining the Storytelling Craft
  - Craft and Ably Tell Stories Appropriate to Specific Situations and Goals
  - Apply Both General Principles of Effective Storytelling and Specific Performance Feedback to Your Storytelling


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