Developing Your Analytical Skills: How to Research and Present Information


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期間  2日間 時間  9:30~17:30
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コース種別  集合研修  
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  • 14 PDU (Business/Strategic)
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2022年12月8日(木) ~ 2022年12月9日(金)



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All business professionals who want to improve their analytical skills so that they can apply analytical thinking to their jobs to make more informed and successful business decisions
□TOEIC Score 650 or Higher


Quickly synthesize data, determine implications and make informed decisions.

Are you flooded with information and new knowledge on a daily basis and need to improve your analytical skills? Unsure how to assess the credibility of new information? Not 100% confident you’re making valid decisions? With interactive learning, combined with discussion, lecture, and case studies, this is your opportunity to make sense of the overwhelming amount of data you’re inundated with daily so you can make decisions to the best advantage of your business and career.
Improving your analytical skills is easy with this analytical thinking seminar.
●Improve your analytical skills
●Organize information from multiple sources in various formats
●Categorize data so you can analyze it
●Uncover relevant information
●See contradictory data in different perspectives
●Analyze the facts to identify the best opportunity
●Recognize patterns and determine what they mean for your business
●Clearly communicate your findings and suggestions
1. Learning Objectives
  - Apply Techniques to Information to Help Determine What Is Relevant
  - Put Information into a Form That Can Be Analyzed
  - Analyze Information in Order to Identify the “Best” Opportunity for Your Business, and Explain Your Reasoning
  - Recognize Patterns, and Discern What They Can Mean for Your Business
  - Identify a Framework as the Basis for Creating Presentations That Use
  - Information You’ve Derived from Your Analysis
2. Analytical Skills for the Business Professional
  - Identify Core Analytical Skills Commonly Used By Business Professionals
  - Describe Some of the Challenges Business Professionals Face in Collecting, Evaluating, and Presenting Information and Recommendations
  - Identify the Basic Steps in the Analytical Process

3. The Plan Phase
  - Identify the Purpose of the Analysis
  - Use a Tool for Clarifying Questions
  - Decide on an Approach for Completing an Analysis
  - Discuss the Importance of Considering the Needs of Your Audience When Developing Your Plan
  - Create a Data Collection Plan

4. The Analyze Plan
  - Use an Outline to Organize Data for Analysis
  - Aggregate Unstructured Data into Segments Based on Common Characteristics That Define Them
  - Organize Data via Graphic Tools
  - Assess the Potential Risk Associated with an Analysis
  - Use an Outline to Evaluate Data and Deal with Information Gaps

5. The Conclude Phase
  - Describe the Characteristics of Valid Conclusions
  - Explain How to Get from Conclusions to Recommendations
  - Develop Recommendations That Can Be Used in a Presentation

6. Telling Your Story
  - Discuss Tools, Tips, and Techniques for Presenting Your Findings/Telling Your Story to Multiple Audiences
  - Create and Deliver a Brief Presentation Highlighting Your Conclusions and Recommendations


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