Design Thinking in English: A Customer-Centric Process for Rapid Innovation

期間  2日間 時間  9:30~17:30
価格(税込)  165,000円(税込) 主催  クインテグラル株式会社
コース種別  集合研修  
形式  講義+演習 コースコード  AMC0117R


  • 14 PDU (Leadership)


This course is delivered in English.


Live online seminar is delivered using Zoom.


・Business professionals in any functional area or role associated with revenue growth.
□TOEIC Score 650 or Higher


Learn a low-cost and low-risk method to generate business solutions.

What if you could create radical solutions that could stimulate an emotional response?
Better yet, what if you could do so rapidly?
Experimental, collaborative and holistically innovative. That’s design thinking.
It’s a mindset for success. It’s for anyone who wants to see infinite possibilities
and turn problems into solutions. Putting the customer front and center,
design thinking offers a strategy for successful companies to be more agile and

Using a proven process to drive innovation, you will work in small teams to
visualize outcomes and challenge assumptions. You’ll learn a proven, repeatable,
creative and collaborative problem-solving method that you can use to reframe
problems and generate more rapid, empathetic and innovative products and services.
● Understand how design thinking can improve organizational and personal performance
● Embrace uncertainty and develop an experimental mindset to iterate quickly
● Create a new process and attack problems from a completely new angle
● Convert ideas into customer value and market opportunity
● Release your group’s creative thinking and sharpen critical analysis
● Create more progressive and practical solutions for real-world problems
● Balance constraints and technical limitations with customer preferences
● Develop design thinking to foster collaboration across functions of the organization
● Learn how to use a repeatable process to drive rapid innovation
1. Learning Objectives

2. Understand How Design Thinking Can Improve Organizational Performance

3. Embrace Design Thinking to Create Your New Competitive Asset

4. Learn How to Convert Ideas into Customer Value and Market Opportunity

5. Sharpen Your Creative Thinking and Critical Analysis Skills

6. Create More Progressive and Practical Solutions for Real-World Problems

7. Balance Real-World Constraints with Technical Limitations and Consumer Preferences

8. Develop New Ways to Collaborate Across All Functions of the Organization

9. Learn How to Use a 10-Step, Iterative and Repeatable Process to Drive Rapid Innovation

Course outline is partly subject to change without prior notice.


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